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About Us

A sweater manufacturing company with 3.8 million pcs annual production.

Our quality is our reputation. we don’t find customers for our products, we find and make products for our customers. With this goal, we entered the Bangladesh garment industry and we are achieving more together.

We are committed to delivering excellence and quality from Our Manufacturing Facilities To the World

Scottish Sweater Ltd. is a company that lives to monitor and update their compliance area & has a separate team at our production unit for monitoring & development. Scottish Sweater Ltd. has a skilled independent quality assurance team to ensure consistent quality with our modern method to ensure product quality of its factories. We follow AQL 1.5 for inline and 2.5 for final inspection and are the one-stop shop when it comes to clothing compliance, with a team who is watching over the shoulder of the customer to ensure they are comfortable with their latest piece of clothing. We have a strictly no-nonsense approach to our job and take great pride in setting high standards for our customers and our product. We believe in communication power and the importance of being able to work together harmoniously to get things done.